Welcome to How Do You, your all-in-one place for how to do all the tasks that school neglected to teach you.

You know… Exactly what all the memes are about.

You don’t care about mitochondria being the powerhouse of the cell.

Instead, you want to know, oh, I don’t know:
– how to rent a house
– how to change a car tyre
– how to apply for a visa to Bali
– how to get a raise

And bulk other practical stuff.

I get it, because I didn’t know how to do any of that stuff until I had to either.

And then you’re panicking because you need to know RIGHT NOW and when you Google it there’s so much more to it than you thought. And you don’t even understand what half of it means.

That’s why I’m putting all the info in one place, and making it simple to understand.

Because really, none of it’s actually that complicated. It’s just all written by people who want to be seen as legit so they use fancy words and weird sentence structures that make it harder to understand.

You’ll (eventually) find all of the most important life instruction manuals right here. Manuals such as:

The New Worker’s Handbook
The New Car Owner’s Handbook
The New Traveller’s Handbook
The Moving-Out-of-Home Handbook
And more!

They cover everything you need to know – but super simply, without all the yawn-inducing terminology.

We can often lose out, be taken advantage of, or end up in undesirable situations simply because of a gap in our knowledge. The aim of these guides is to lessen that gap and make life a little easier.

Right now, The New Worker’s Handbook is under development, and we’re offering an introductory discount as a thank you for registering your interest below!

We’re also accepting interest (and offering the discount) for other topics via the form below – you’ll just have to wait a little longer to get them. Soz.

A bulk discount also applies for secondary and tertiary education organisations, so if you’re a student, get your school to reach out and we can organise a better deal for you.

And we’ll pay you to do it.

Yep. You get a cut of what the school pays.

Yes, for real.

Just send us an email, we’ll confirm with your school that you requested they acquire the Handbook in bulk, and then you get paid.

It’s that simple.

So, when it comes to work…

Are you being paid enough and receiving all of the benefits you’re entitled to? If not, how do you get a raise or other benefits?

Do you know why some people get money back at tax time and others have to pay?

Did you know that taking $10k out of your super before retirement can cheat you out of $60k at retirement? How does superannuation even work? (It’s surprisingly simple)

Did you know that when you start a permanent job, you have to earn your entitlements (like annual leave)?

Why is salary sacrificing a good thing?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you need The New Worker’s Handbook.

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